Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Drum roll please

Well I can hardly believe that the day has finally come but yes you guessed it the kitty cross stitch is done. Just as a quick reminder this is how this sad UFO looked a few short months ago when I rediscovered it buried in a cupboard.
After lots of time spent and thousands of stitches added here is the final reveal.There are a few mistakes here and there but I'm not going to beat myself up about them, after all it's been a while since I have done any sustained cross stitch and this was a big piece to finish. Being at work full time most of my stutching happens in the evening which is not the best time for such close hand work.

I think this final kitty was among my favourite to stitch. I've enjoyed bringing these kitties to life but am glad to move on to other things. As you know there will be more cross stitch in the future but now I'm starting to look forward to getting back to other stitch projects too.


paulahewitt said...

well done. the finshed x-stitch is very cute. I am not a x-stitch fan - love the way they look, drive me to despair to do - so I always admire others perserverance!

Quilt Pixie said...

congrats on the finish! One more out of the closet :-)

Helen in the UK said...

Yeah - all finished!!!
Relax and enjoy for a bit .... then get going on the next project :)

Helena said...

Oh my! Well I love cats and I love this! Well done!