Thursday, May 04, 2006


I decided that as I haven't posted any pictures of the cats for a while I'd take a few of them enjoying the sunshine in the garden yesterday. The only one missing is Hugo. Both of my white babies are very skittish and the slightest noise can send them running so he tends to only pop in and out of the garden as there are too many strange noises. Here is Pip who has grown so fast, he tends to try and eat all of the food which is supposed to be for all 4 cats which is why he has such a gigantic bum!

And here are Oscar and Hector enjoying a rare moment of peace together. Oscar spends most of his time outside, so is the total opposite to Hector and they still tend to be a bit wary of each other sometimes but it looks like they have buried their differences for a while in order to share a nice spot in the sun!

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