Monday, February 06, 2006

My sampler quilt is finished!

Well I'm so pleased I finally managed to get my sampler quilt finished!

This has been a year in the making as I have been taking a class at my local college and have been taught the different techniques to make a block each week.

The only place big enough to lay it out is on the bed but I can't get far enough back to take a photo of the whole thing so for now here is Pip sat in one corner :) As soon as I laid it out on the bed he was there! I'll have to wait until Mark gets home from work before I can take a full size photo.

1 comment:

Aeron said...

love the kitty, why do they know that you have things to do and they always lay in the middle of it. The pile that my pywaket picks is always the one that I am going to work on. Looks wonderful