Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Exploring my new hood - part two

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a little bit of what I'd found on a wander in my new neighbourhood. Well I took lots of photos that day, too many for one post so I figured I'd come back with some more. This time I thought I'd show you some of the shopping and entertainment delights in my new neighbourhood :)

You can tell these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago as there is snow on the ground, all that has disappeared now.  This is the main shopping street right round the corner from the building I will be living in.

There are a few lovely gift shops and some independant stores which is really nice, makes a change from the usual high street theses days.  There are no end of choices for places to eat out so I'm sure I'll have plenty of fun deciding which are my favourites.
There are some great vintage and second hand stores not too far away, I have become slightly obsessed with picking up second hand bargains.  I'm sure I'll tell you more about that another time, as with the exception of a few of the larger pieces of furniture I need I'm going to try and kit my new place out with second hand/recycled/upcycled/given a new loving home furniture and bits and bobs.
As a music lover I'm really excited that this great little venue is literally 5 minutes walk from my front door.  There will be no excuses not to get out and see plenty of local bands.  What better way to spend an evening than with a pint of beer and some live music :)
Perhaps most dangerously of all I have found the cutest little cake shop two minutes walk from my front door.
It would have been rude not to try some of the wares on offer, don't you think?  So these two cupcakes came home with me.
I was kind of hoping for the sake of the new years healthy eating plan that they would be awful, but of course they were delicious, especially the banoffe one on the left, scrummy!!

Before I go I thought I'd give you a quick flash of where I will be living.  Sadly not the big lovely building that is the main of the photo below but the smaller one to the right with the satellite dishes on is where my new apartment is.
I had a phone call from the solicitors this morning, we should be exchanging contracts this week, and I should get the keys next week sometime, so fingers crossed I will be finally moving in in the not too distant future.


coral-seas said...

My fingers are duely crossed. I hope everything goes according to plan this time and look forward to the moving in party :-)

Linda said...

Looks like a great place to live Angela. Good luck with the move.