Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Finish of 2013

All the hibernating under the crochet on Sunday paid off and the Starburst Flower blanket is now finished :)

The light has been rubbish for photo taking inside but this is probably the best shot I got
 .... on the kitchen floor, not exactly the most glamorous location.  But hey I'm not really bothered about that I'm just super excited that I made it to the end of my first largish crochet project.  It's taken me a while to get finished but I do have this nasty habit of working on million things at once so nothing ever really gets done quickly :)
I'd love to have been able to turn this into a bigger bed blanket rather than a throw, but the yarn I chose to work with is just too expensive for me to be able to do that right now.
I can't wait to find the perfect spot in my flat for this once I get moved.  For now it's just flung over one of the chairs at James' place.
There has been a bit of a delay with the completion of sale on the flat I'm buying so it might be another couple of weeks before I'm settled.  In the meantime all my things have gone into storage and I've moved in with my lovely man, James.  I love waking up with him every morning but I need to hope the completion moves along without too many more delays as the longer I'm here the harder it will be to leave :)


Jane said...

What a great way to start the new year, it looks as good as it promised to be in the magazine, well done. Hope you can find something to do a bigger version sometime

coral-seas said...

Congratulations! Your starburst flower throw is very bright and cheery. Just what we need during these cold, grey days.

I hope the completion goes through without further complication.

SueH said...

Well done on completing this project! I hope it will not be long before it takes pride of place in your new 'home'! ;-)

Now.....what's your next WIP...?

(& I too moan about the cost of yarn.....!)

Vicki W said...

I love it! I remember these from when I was young and I am glad to see them make a come back.

Kate North said...

OOh, I love this. Really beautiful.

Mel said...

Loving the throw - such pretty colours!

Kadee Willow said...

Such a cheerful project! I know you must feel fabulous to have it done especially with all the turmoil going on. I have signed up to be a follower of yours and do hope you can drop by mine when you get a chance. I scrolled down through your other posts and saw the one on Bath's Christmas market. My family originally came from a small town outside of there and someday I hope to visit it. I have been craving a bit of London lately... just love spending time there. Good to meet you and will be back for another visit!

Anonymous said...

This is truly lovely! you should be very proud. That is a lot of work.

Terri said...

This is a gorgeous throw! I love the colors you picked, so vibrant and cheery. I am working on one myself, and only have the squares done. I have never put one together before, so I will be learning that next : )