Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Creative Goals for 2013

I'm back to work and a 'normal' routine this week, which has been a bit of a shock after two wonderful weeks off.  I hope to get round to sharing more about what I got up to over the holidays, especially the lovely day trip to Whitby that I went on, but that will be for another time.

For now my evenings are full of packing in readiness for my house move.  Packing isn't exactly the most thrilling of activities and inevitably my mind goes off for a wander.  My thoughts have been turning to creative goals for the year.

I think the main thing I want to achieve is to do more, last year I wasn't very productive ..... though some of you have commented on my last post to say that it looks like I was very busy.  I think I had a busy start to the year and tailed off in the second half but that was fine, it was what I needed.

I have stuck a list of the projects that I want to work on this year in the side bar, and really it is much the same as last, with a couple of new additions.  I am promising myself that I can only start something new once I have finished something on the list.  So hopefully the list will be quite fluid, and while it may not get any shorter the items on it will change.

There are a couple of things on there that shouldn't take too much effort to finish so these will be the first priorities, the scarf, the throw and the 'Take Time' cross stitch.  Take Time got worked on over the holidays so I'll be back with an update post on that one soon.

Once I get moved I'll hopefully have plenty more opportunities to be creative away from stitching, there will be decorating and embellishing to do at home :)

Phew, well thinking about all this activity is wearing me out so time for a sugar injection.  I'm off to tuck in to one of these delicious handcrafted cuties that I found among the presents labelled just for me on Christmas day.


Jane said...

Decorating a new home will be exciting, making it your own

Unknown said...

Very Good luck to you in 2013 - where are you moving to? have fun decorating and being creative