Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Waterliles Finished

I can hardly believe that I am finally writing this post. My first crochet cushion is finished.  It's been about two years in the making as other things distracted me from working on it constantly.
It was a big learning curve and it's far from perfect but it's done and I made it :)  I am happy happy.

I got the measurement wrong on the back panel and it finished up being a round or two too big, but luckily crochet is pretty forgiving and I managed to fudge it when I joined the two layers together so no unravelling had to be done.
I'm so pleased with how this turned out, and I think it looks lovely on my bed.

Even more exciting ... I've been itching to start on a nice colourful blanket and had already gone out and bought the yarn I needed but was determined not to begin until this one was finished. Now I can pick up hook again and get started.


coral-seas said...

It does indeed look good on your bed. Congratulations on finishing it.

Jane said...

I love it, you've done really well, and the time doesn't matter. Enjoy doing your new blanket

Amanda said...

Such a pretty cushion. I've never taken to crochet but you're tempting me. I look forward to seing the progress on your blanket

Vicki W said...

You should be pleased, it's beautiful!