Thursday, September 01, 2011

Halloween Bird

Managed to get stitching on my first little Halloween project.  This a beautiful simple design that I admired on Kate's blog last year, and she gifted me the chart, treasure that she is :)

It's coming together so quickly and I love it so far.  I'm making a few changes to the original though.  First off I'm stitching it a lot larger as I have a plan to may be attempt to make this the centre piece of a mini patchwork wall hanging.  Also the original came in a kit with a little button, I don't have any Halloween buttons so I think I'm going to move around and maybe double up on some of the little motifs that surround the bird, haven't really though it through yet so we'll see where it goes.

1 comment:

coral-seas said...

He is sooooo cute :-) Far to cute for halloween!