Sunday, October 21, 2007

Antique Angels

Well my workshop curse struck again. The Janet Bolton class was supposed to be this last Thursday but sadly Janet was feeling unwell and so it had to be cancelled (well hopefully more postponed than cancelled as they hope to rearrange it for sometime early in the new year, wow talking about the new year already hasn't this last one just flown by!).

It hasn't been all bad news for this week though as yay I finally managed to find a workshop that actually went ahead. The class was called Antique Angels and the tutor was a lovely lady called Lois Brooks. The idea was to use old pieces of lace and antique fabrics to make an angel or fairy. I don't really have much old lace and things so I decided to bend the rules a bit and go modern and (yes you guessed it) orange.

Sadly blogger won't let me put any photis up at the moment so I will just have to keep you in suspense. I will try with the pictures again tomorrow.....

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Helen in the UK said...

Oh, you have me on tenterhooks about this angel. Blogger - please, please let Angela load some photos?!