Monday, August 27, 2007


Yipee I finally got some sewing done today. I finished up 6 postcards and 3 ATCs. Ok so it's only a drop in the ocean compared to what I have on my list to be done but at least it's a start.
I blogged about these 3 ATCs ages ago bit never quite got round to finishing them off. We have an ATC trade coming up at ARTSNTHEMAIL so I decided to finish them up for that. I also finished up my 6 tree postcards for a BQLPC swap. Although I really liked the tree design itself I struggled to think of a way to finish the cards off. Finally I decided I wanted to add some simple alphabet beads to fill up the bottom corner. Of course I didn't have enough of the letters I needed so I decided to have a go at making some of my own with Fimo clay and rubber stamps. They turned out sort of ok, unfortunately I managed to over cook them believe it or not I started out with white and green clay but ended up with brown and black buttons, ooops. I did think of starting over but to me it seemed a shame to waste them and I think they look ok if not what I had originally intended,lol!


Terri Stegmiller said...

Glad you are starting to get some of your "to do" items accomplished...I'm sure you feel good about it too. Of course, I love that kitty ATC.

Alis Clair said...

Great ATC's. I love the tree one.

Isn't it great to see the ticks apper on your "to do" list. I always love that ;0)

Kate North said...

I like the letters - which I guess is a good thing, as i think one of those cards is going to me... :)

Digitalgran said...

I love those ATC's especially the cat. Those are my favourite colours just now!