Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bag Complete

Well I know at least one person is impatient to see my finished bag, lol. So here I am up early on a Saturday morning blogging! Actually I'm looking forward to a day out shopping in Bath today. It's only 10 minutes away on the train and it's such a lovely town with many famous sights to see. Of course the main reason for going is to visit the LQS (though Mark thinks the main reason we are going is to get some scrummy sausages from the Sausage shop ready for bonfire celebrations tonight, well I had to make up some excuse and the prospect of good food always seems to motivate him!)

Enough waffle here's my bag. I'm so pleased with the way it turned out it really only took a couple of hours to knit up. The only thing I have left to do is add some lining but I will do that this afternoon when we get back from shopping.


Vi said...

Wow Angela your bag looks GREAT!! And only a couple of hours to finish it, I'm very impressed!!
:-) I wish I could knit...who knows I might try and learn oneday. Oh and tell Mark that he should be very impressed with his photo's..they are looking great!! It was worth getting up early to capture the frost!!:-)

Helen in the UK said...

This is wonderful. Love the colours and the texture. What yarn did you use? Love it :)
Have a fun bonfire night - will be indoors, TV on loud, curtains drawn trying the persuade the dog that nothing unusual is happening outside!!