Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Fur Family

Well here is an introduction to my fur family. We have four cats altogether. First off are the white brothers Hector and Hugo. They were adopted from a rescue centre about four years ago.

They were found abandoned at the bottom of a garden as kittens, as a result of not having much human contact the first few weeks of their lives they are semi-feral. We have worked hard to gain their trust but Hugo (sitting in the floor) will only be petted on his own terms and definately will not let you pick him up! Hector is more affectionate he likes lots of fuss but will not sit on a lap, though he's happy to cuddle up beside you and loves having his tummy rubbed.

Oscar is next, he has been with us for two years. He used to have a tortoiseshell companion, Jasmine but after we had them for about six months Jasmine went missing. It was a very sad time for us as she was a very affectionate cat and we never found out what happened to her. Hopefully she was taken in by someone else and is happy out there somewhere.

Oscar is a semi long haired fluff ball. I think he must have some ragdoll in him as he goes all floppy when you pick him up and loves to be cradled like a baby, he is the only one of our cats who really loves to be outdoors.

Our baby is Pip he is only a year old. Here he is alseep on the sofa with my partner Mark! Pip had a rough start having been abandoned when he was only a few days old he got frost bite. He only has half a tail and on his right front foot has no toes or claws. The claws he has on the rest of his paws are mostly deformed though they don't give him any pain he finds climbing difficult. As he was hand raised he is very affectionate and loves nothing better than to clamber on anyone who sits down. He also loves to be carried round on your shoulders like a parrot, a trick he learned from the lady who hand reared him!

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Joe Madl said...

Oooh, Angela! Mark's adorable! Look at those legs!!