Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Love at first sight

Are you all getting tired of me harping on about my thrifting finds yet?

Apologies if you are but I did warn you this is turning in to my new obsession!!  I have two things to show you today.  Check out this coffee table that I picked up.  I spotted it the week before last pay day and had to wait to see if it was still in the shop when I got paid.  It was only £15 but at the end of last month having had 6 weeks of mortage to pay out of my wages I didn't even have £5 to my name let alone £15 :)
Look at all that needlepoint goodness imagine all of the work that went in that piece of stitching.
When you flip the table over you can see that the panel is by Anchor
I hate the colour that the frame has been stained though so I was thinking I'd strip it back and then paint and distress it in maybe grey or white ...... at least that was the original plan.
I couldn't get the glass panel out as it has been nailed in tight and I'm afraid of breaking the glass or the frame of the table so I'm just working on it as is.  Now I'm sanding it back though the wood underneath is looking lovely.  I think I will hold off on the painting and wait until my living room is decorated and then see whether it fits in.

I also bought this lovely mirror. 
I was wandering along in town and one of the charity shops that I like to visit had a big sign saying it was last day of trading :(  Second hand shopping was not on the agenda that day but I went in and the mirror caught my eye.  It was priced up at just £10 so I knew it was coming home with me, when I got to the till to pay the lady behind the desk said 'I'm going to give you that for £5'  she said 'you're the first person that has taken money out of your purse to pay without asking whether things are on discount as we're closing so I'd like to take some money off for you'.  Wow super bargain ... though I did also empty all the change out of my purse into the collection box so I probably gave about £8 in the end. 

The mirror is now hanging in my hallway, which is the darkest space in my flat.  I'm going to paint the surround orange (once I've finished working on the coffee table) I'm hoping that a nice lovely orange flower hanging up just inside the door will brighten the hallway up a bit :)


Vicki W said...

Both are great finds but that mirror is super cool.

Kate North said...

Well, I love reading about your thrifty finds, but I'm a thrift shop kind of person anyway :) It almost makes me wish I had an empty flat to furnish - not quite, but almost...

Jane said...

I'm loving seeing what you find, I never get to find things like that. If you like the colour of that wood, waxing instead of varnishing, gives a lovely soft effect

WendyCarole said...

What great finds. I love the coffee table.