Sunday, April 22, 2012


I have so many out and about posts to share with you. I've been away from blogging too long, life just gets busy sometimes, but it's nice to be back and to have lots to post about.

First a few pictures that I took in the lovely town of Malmesbury during my lunch break the other week
The next few pictures are from Malmesbury Abbey, I know I've shown you pictures of this before, but hopefully these ones are a bit different than the last ones.

My job can be pretty hard going emotionally sometimes, but one of the good things is that I'm out and about a lot so if I plan my day right I can usually be somewhere nice for a wander at lunch time.

Last shot is a bit random and I did get a few odd looks, but I love the texture and patterns on this drain cover that I spotted in the street.
Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.


Kate North said...

The drain cover is fab - do I sense a project in the offing?

Sarah said...

I love your black and white photography and you're quite right the drain cover is interesting - Kate is right could be a project! Thanks for popping by my blog. Best wishes