Sunday, October 24, 2010

The New Forest

The weekend before last I made a last minute decision to get away from the stresses that had been bringing me down for a couple of week. I love to go to the coast at this time of year but figured it would be nice to do something different, so we escaped to The New Forest for a couple of days. What a fabulous weekend we had.We spent our weekend getting lost on long walks in the forest...... enjoying beautiful signs of Autumn and squelching boots along muddy paths....... and getting cosy and eating fabulous food and the pretty little Inn that we made home for the weekend.Saturday was pretty overcast but we had beautiful weather on Sunday. Here we are getting lost in the woods again, how lucky we were to get away with no coats in October.The Autumn colours were just starting to break through in the forest, I'm sure now we are a couple of weeks on they will be glorious. I love the picture above, this scattering of leaves still clinging on to their branches look like a shower of orange rain to me.

I set myself a little photography challenge while we were away, but I'll share more about that next time.


Vi said...

Looks real the photo of you both. :-)

KimP said...

A beautiful weekend here in the States too! Glad you got out to enjoy it. Y'all make a really cute couple!