Monday, January 05, 2009

A new knit

Check this out, I woke up this morning to an almost winter wonderland.
This must be the most snow we've had for a few years. It had already melted quite a lot so the only thing I could think to take a picture of was my car, looks like paw prints on the bonnet!
Thought I'd just share the new knitting project I'm working on. Way back last summer I bought this lovely chart book and the wool to make the stripey beret. Well I finally got it started while we were away at the weekend.
I don't know if it just the cold weather but I'm finding it difficult to knit up more than a few rows at a time as my hands soon start to get really stiff. Oh well despite this and the fact that I'm a slow knitter I'm hopeful that this will come together pretty quickly and I'll have a new hat to wear before the cold snap disappears.


Mary lin Huskamp said...

Beautiful colors! Can hardly wait to see it finished .

Vicki said...

Looks nice and warm as I'm sitting here freezing in my office. I've even got a little space heater going and it's still cold. What happens is that they turn the heat way down over the holidays when no one is in. So when you get in early on Monday morning everything is still bone numbing cold.

Donna said...

I'd be happy to share some snow... its about 3 feet deep in the backyard and more forecast... and I'd pay you to take some of the cold!!